Monday, January 08, 2007


That describes my weekend pretty well. I ran an incredible number of errands (when you called from Lowes, I was stuck in Ikea), I packed, I ran more errands, and I packed some more. On Saturday we went to the Albertville outlets and the new REI - which is not as good as the one in Bloomington - I went to Ikea and picked up boxes, etc. Then Sunday among my other pursuits I went to three antique stores on Selby, finding in the process some of Mom's wedding china and a piece of furniture that I'm contemplating buying. I'm taking Mike back on Saturday to get a second opinion. Oh yeah, and did I mention packing?

Fun, right?

In an attempt to get (and stay) ahead, I've declared that there shall be no more baking till after the move. Also no roasting large pieces of meat. Also no new knitting project starting. I did conveniently leave out of the packing frenzy 6 balls of the yarn for A Cardigan for Arwen, in the hopes that I get to start that before the move is over. Even if just a swatch.

However, I did get some knitting done. I worked on the edging of my Mom's shawl. I guesstimate I'm just under 1/4 done with that, so that project may well be off the needles this week or weekend. I like how it's turning out, but I fear that even if it comes off the needles this week, blocking may have to wait till after moving. It's possible I've already packed all my pins, which could make this more difficult!

Tonight is a night off from packing, and tomorrow I have an evening meeting, so I imagine that by the time I get back to packing Wednesday I'll be re-energized. At least I can hope, since Wednesday's agenda is the storage space downstairs, a task not to be approached by the faint of heart.

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