Monday, January 22, 2007

New Project Alert

Well the weather didn't cooperate with my desire to take modeled pictures of the shawl. Once again it was gray and snowy all day long, and I had no desire to leave my apartment. So more pictures will have to wait.

In celebration of the finishing of the epic lace project, I spent a good part of the weekend swatching. First I swatched for A Cardigan for Arwen. I was very good and even washed and blocked my swatch so that I would have a good comparison.

While that swatch was drying, it really looked like it wasn't going to make gauge, so in frustration I decided to swatch for Elizabeth as long as I was at it. I started on 4s, as I habitually go up a needle size due to my super tight knitting, but almost immediately it was clear it was too big, so I dropped back down to 3s. This is going to be a challenge- it's a tight gauge on 3s, and with the cotton content of the yarn, there's not a lot of stretch and forgiveness. That swatch is still drying, so I don't know yet whether the 3s were a good decision. I've thought about going back to 4s and making a size down from what I was planning. That might require the dreaded math though.

Once the first swatch was thoroughly dry, I carefully pinned and counted several times, and decided that I could use the recommended size 8 needles, which never happens to me. I'm about a half stitch off over 4 inches on both swatches, but I went up a needle size and no dice, so I think I'll go with it. I'll just be extra careful, especially with length, to make sure I get a sweater that fits. So last night once I collapsed from packing, I cast on for A Cardigan for Arwen. I'm just to the turning row for the hem in the back, but I love the yarn, and I can't wait. The back is pretty much a boring rectangle, and what I'm really craving are the cabled fronts, so I may cheat and start a front before I finish the back.

I still need to retrieve a needle from J to work on the mittens, so no progress there either.

So there is my text heavy post. I'll try and get some photos tonight so that I can at least enliven my post with pictures tomorrow!

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