Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy '07!

Hi Flan,
Just a quick post. I love all of your ideas for the Knit from the Stash but need to read it a bit more clearly. I too did not quite make the Challenge, but looked up Chinese New Year and we have until Feb 18 for that one.

Briefly, the trip home took an extra 6 hours, a trip to Egglan Airforce Base/ Okaloosa Regional Airport and a "shuttle bus" which turned out to be a mini van. Never again flying the "breakfast" named airline.

A mere 14 hours after arriving home on New Year's Eve, I came down with the most... um... involuntary "cleansing of the digestive system" that I have had in years. It was either food poisoning or stomach flu. Whichever will never be known, but it arrived with a vengance. It has taken two days to recover and there is nothing like a few rounds of illness to produce great abs. I'm almost back to regular food and am doing well with standing up. Today is the first day back at work and I'm hoping it goes well.

On the knitting front: I should read more things before I decide to make patterns of my own. I finished the hand part of the mitten and discovered it is 3/4 in too short, making it impossible for the thumb to move. Now have to figure out how to rip out the decreases- am thinking about sacrifices and incantations. Oh mohair. Also, how did I not know that putting mohair on the inside of the wrist amounts to more itchy torture than it would be sitting nekkid in a patch of poisin ivy covered with fire ants? How did I not know? Oh mohair!

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