Friday, February 02, 2007

Moving, Part 1 of 2

Tuesday evening there was a great influx of people to my apartment. Armed with warm clothes and large cars, we moved the entire contents of my apartment to our friend J's house. In the midst of this complicated moving thing, there was this great trickle down. Our friend H is taking over my apartment. She had to be out of her old place by noon on the 31st. So I had to be out by the morning of the 31st so they could check the apartment. Unfortunately, the people living in our new place were moving out at the same time, and the apartment complex needed time to repaint. Therefore, my stuff is living at J's this week, and I'm living at Mike's. Several hours of moving later, I came back and cleaned my place, so I finally finished early Wednesday morning (12:30ish?)

So moving, part 1 of 2 is complete. Moving, part 2 of 2 will happen tomorrow.

However, the title is actually a play on words. Today I moved the blog to new blogger, so you'll need to sign in with gmail. (FYI, I've made a g-mail account for just the blog, so that my personal account doesn't end up all over the place).

Last night during Grey's Anatomy I finally got to knit for the first time this week, but there's no measurable progress to report. I'm off to prepare for moving, part 2 of 2!

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