Monday, February 26, 2007

Sweaters Sweaters Everywhere...

... And Not a Stitch to Knit.

Hey Flan,
I hope at least your weekend was nice. At least the part before finding out about neurosurgery, part 2.

It is sweater central down here. Granted, it would make much more sense if I were still in MN and knitting sweaters. Sidenote: in the Mobile Sunday Paper there was a picture of MN weather. The Hubby and I recognized the part of freeway in the photo and had a brief moment of nostalgia- then quickly remembered that it's in the 70s here and sunny.

Sweater Rundown:
1. The Hubby's.
My first real venture into Zimmermania. The Seamless Hybrid in Classic Elite Skye Tweed. Am totally loving the hem lining as demonstrated over at brooklyntweed. Also, why did no one tell me about the delights of washing the yarn? I washed the swatch and it became so much softer. It makes me love it so much more.

2. The Father's.
Have decided that the "pattern interpretation" is fine and do not have to rip out everything that I have. Now on the body and it's pure knitting until the cows come home. Am conveniently forgetting about having to do the sleeves.

3. The Sister's.
I have a bunch of Cascade Sierra. Unfortunately each color is not quite enough to do a whole sweater and don't go as well together as first imagined. The store from which I purchased the initial amount doesn't have any more of the green and the blue is too vibrant to do an entire sweater out of. Am currently debating.

4. MINE.
That's right. I'm taking the plunge and knitting an actual sweater for me. It makes me a little light headed, but deep breathing is working at the moment. I managed to acquire a bag of the unbelievable Karabella Aurora 8. That stuff is what (yarn) dreams are made of. I'm thinking The Ribbi Cardi. It has enough structure for me and I think it will turn out well. Of course, during Start-itis, the needles I need are tied up in The Father's and The Hubby's Sweaters, so progress will be made on theirs simply so that I can free up the needles.

Oh, I made a cute little needle case for circulars yesterday. Sort of like pencil holders that clip into binders, but better. There was sewing and I didn't scream once. Granted, I got to use a hammer at one point, so everything's good. Hopefully photos and details to follow.

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Kim said...

Wow, you have a lot of sweaters in progress! Good job choosing one for yourself - might as well have one that you keep.