Thursday, February 22, 2007

Knit Night Stall

I love Knit Night. I love it so much I went to two of them this week. (The one at Borealis that I've attended before, and one for a knitting group starting in our apartment complex).

In the past, Knit Night hasn't caused me problems in my knitting, but this week was a different story. I sat down, pulled out my Arwen, got lots of admiring comments, and settled in to knit. I looked down an hour later, and somewhere I must have skipped a cable row. So after Knit Night was over, I ripped back to the beginning of the cabling, and started over last night.

I have pictures though! Progress picture of the left front-done to the underarm:

I still haven't decided whether to knit as written or add in raglans, so I'm going to continue with the right front up to the armholes, and decide then.

Mike and I were planning to drive up to Alexandra (MN) on Friday evening to watch his cousins hockey game, but we're watching the weather forecast closely, as they're predicting a pretty solid winter storm to hit either Friday or Saturday. We've had a respite from winter this week with a high of 50 yesterday, so payback has hit with a vengeance! So we may be canceling those plans and spending a quiet night at home, which wouldn't be all bad.

I'm wearing Eris today, still sans clasps, but its super comfy. Also subsisting on Advil Cold and Sinus, Halls cough drops, and orange juice.

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