Thursday, February 15, 2007


Hey Flan,
As you have no doubt realized by the 27 different emails I have sent you today, I'm just a wee bit unable to focus. I think it was all that sleep I got yesterday. It has completely thrown me off. The nap from 6:17p- 7:39p was nice, but I think the one from 7:40p- 8:24p was a bit excessive. I then slept from 9:40p-5:50a. I think it was all too much. Too much sleep apparently manifests much like ADD. Either that or being married to The Hubby who has ADD has finally rubbed off and I've gotten it too. I'm flitting in 5 minute increments- 5 minutes on this, 5 minutes on that. Forgetting that I already used my 5 minutes up and should really start working on this other thing for 5 minutes... Exhausting. I thought I might need some caffine, so have had two cups of hot sugared tea this morning and am now trying cold Diet Dr. Pepper. I don't think it's working. Maybe a few minutes on the treadmill would help. Or herbal tea and yoga.

I've thought about knitting. I've thought about making the Broad Street Mittens for The Hubby who requested some fingerless glovies to go rock hunting with. I've thought about making the bag from the new IK knits out of some yarn I didn't know what to do with and have enough to make 2 fabulous bags. I've thought about the 6 projects that are on the needles and how, inexplicably, I've decided to spend the most time working on the ones that are due in December and have spent no time working on the ones meant for gifts in March and April. Lots of very scattered thinking.

Have also made my grocery list. It involves a lot of ingredients that have never before seen the inside of my shopping cart. Perhaps I should take someone with me to monitor the situation and intervene if/when necessary.

Ok, I'm going to take a deep breath and see if I can't maybe get something done. Outlook unlikely.

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