Monday, February 05, 2007

Moving, Part 2 of 2

We did it! On Saturday, with temperature hovering around -15, and wind chill closer to -30, we moved all of our stuff into the new house! We had 13 people show up (the advantage of having the minivan for so long, everyone owed us moving!)

So I took half the group and we went to J's, and loaded my stuff up, and then the other half took dollies and literally wheeled Mike's stuff down the street. Since it was only 1.5 blocks for him, this worked well (though seeing the coffee table and desk come down the street on dollies was surreal, At the end, we broke for hot chocolate (some people spiked theirs with Baileys), and then we were done. Literally 2 hours, start to finish, and no frostbite!

We're still working on setting up and finding things (cooking anything in the kitchen would still be a challenge). Yesterday we decided that we deserved to go to a Superbowl party after the week we'd had, and I finally got to knit! I have to say that the Superbowl is a really good knitting opportunity. I just sat there and knit on the back of Arwen for hours, a stretch interrupted only to stand up to find more food, and to play with one of the babies who was there. I can't find a tape measure yet, but I think I'm at about 10 inches or so.

Pictures when I unearth the camera as well!

This morning it was -20 before windchill, and my poor car thought long and hard before it started. I'm on cup #2 of hot cocoa, and just beginning to warm up!

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