Thursday, February 22, 2007


Hey Flan,
Again, hope you're feeling better. Advil Cold & Sinus is keeping me going. Yesterday the runny nose hit. Other than that, everything else is not too bad except that sneezing is incredibly painful.

Spring is here (not that winter really ever was) and, in the true spirit of Spring, "Start-itis" has roared in. Not only are there still 6 WIPs, TWO more were started yesterday. I was so excited about the math (It must be the sickness talking) from EZ's pattern that I finished my swatch for The Hubby's sweater. Soaked it and everything. I'm in love. I was not in love, however, when I realized I had made painstaking notes with calculations- and then discovered I had done all that work for the Saddle Shoulder Sweater NOT the Hybrid. Several swear words were thrown about, then quickly taken back because this is during Lent and swearing during Lent has got to be worse than swearing at other times. I decided that the 7s (4.5sts/in) were better than the 8s (4sts/in). This, of course, means that all the calculations are off, but I refigured a sleeve and cast on. Still feeling the love. I remembered all the birthdays coming up and quickly stuffed the whole thing in a drawer.

I also fell in love with Karabella's "Aurora 8". I got a single ball on sale at LYS and started some fingerless gloves. I had done a pair in Calmer and they turned out pretty well. They were part of The Sister's care package which she received yesterday and wore all night while writing a final paper. Inspired by her story, I cast on. So much love. There has never been a yarn such as this. It's amazing. The sheep from which it comes surely lead priviledged lives.

Start-itis was not done with me yet. I scoured the internet for possible yarns for The Sister's Pulli Hoodie. What would she wear and what can I afford? Two sad and troubling questions. While checking out Bonne Marie's blog I clicked on the recent photo from someone (I think redbird knits). She had done an Ariann in Cascade 220 and it looked fantastic. I adore 220 for felting, but had never really considered it for wearables. Then it struck me- I had snatched up a bunch of Cascade Sierra while in WA. Would there be enough for a Hoodie? I will probably have to make the sleeves, hood and front pocket out of one color and the body out of another (unless I call to see if they have more). Question: Sierra is only 20% wool, what impact do you think that will have on the finished garment?

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