Friday, February 09, 2007

"Grab a Jacket...

... the high is supposed to be only 58* today"- actual quotation from this morning's public radio weather forecast.

Hi Flan,

I hope your father's recovery continues to go well.

The yarn arrived yesterday! "UPS tracking" was almost classified as an official sport after the amount of time I spent clicking the "track now" button. The (long suffering) Hubby had to endure 2 hours of me asking "where's my yarn" in 5 minute increments. It has arrived and is beautiful and all is well. I was a bit surprised when I pulled out the gi-normous cone of yarn and was a bit befuddled as to what to do next. Aafter realizing that the entire two pound cone would not fit on the ball winder and would thus have to be cut into smaller pieces, I skeined, tied, washed in Dawn and then in Eucalan and took over the bathroom as the yarn drying area. I wanted to make all the skeins about the same size, so the winding and then counting each one took awhile. I'm not completely done, but 3 1/2 hours of sitting on the floor pulling yarn off a cone took it's toll and my back hurts. It's almost dry but I think it needs one more washing just for fun.

Yesterday while awaiting the arrival of my yarn I experienced a fit of start-itis. The Mommy's socks are going well, but I had started them the day before so needed something new. I had read part of EZ's Knitter's Workshop during lunch and was completely entranced by her pattern for a baby blanket. It's utterly brilliant. While in WA visiting last April I picked up an obscene amount of pink baby yarn. It's from Austrailia and called "Heirloom". Machine washable and wonderful in many ways. The only place I have ever seen it is the Wool Station (sadly website-less). I had purchased enough for a baby blanket in garter stitch. I don't know exactly why I felt that I would realistically knit a 30" square blanket on size 3s, but I purchased the yarn nonetheless. Casting aside all fears, I cast on and after a grand total of 3 rows I'm loving it. I have decided to keep it in the car for some entertainment. The pattern is completely stress free and there is no time limit. Pretty much the perfect mindless knitting.

The Hubby is going camping as part of one of his class requirements this weekend. I'm planning on a fantastic weekend of watching DVDs and knitting. Hope your weekend goes well.

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