Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Long Overdue Updates

Happy Valentine's Day! For our romantic Valentines Day, we're going to finish cleaning Mike's old apartment. Can't you feel the romance? We've never been much of a Valentine's couple, so this is sort of par for the course.

I'm home from Montana. For our (4 or 5) blog readers, who might now know what happened, here's the scoop: I was woken up by a family emergency at 4:30 last Tuesday morning, and ended up in Montana for much of the week helping my Dad recover from brain surgery. It was quite a week.

Dad's recovering well, and I think we all have a whole new appreciation for how fragile the body can be.

On Monday morning I was booked on a 6am flight. I got up at 4:30, checked out of my hotel, turned to walk out the door, and discovered blizzard conditions. For those not familiar with Billings Montana, let me tell you that downtown (and my hotel) are located in a valley, and the airport is located on a butte. High above (although very close to) town. This necessitated climbing a very large very slick hill with zero visibility in my poor little rental car. Having survived that experience due mostly to luck, we sat through multiple de-icings of the plane before we could take off, and my experience was capped by sprinting through the Denver airport to catch my connecting flight.

However, the one good thing about the hospital time is that there was plenty of time for knitting! Arwen is trucking along. The back is almost finished (currently on stitch holders awaiting Jody’s Raglan advice), the left front is done to the armholes as well, and the right front is just up to the turning row. I’m loving the cabled goodness, which is gorgeous without overwhelming the sweater.

No pictures cause the camera needs batteries though. Hopefully more tomorrow.

P.S. We made it to post 201 with this one!

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