Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mardi Gras!

Hey Flan,
I'm sorry to hear that you're sick. We had a big ol' Mardi Gras party at Gracie's this weekend. Lots and lots of food (stuffed shrimp, gumbo by yours truly, jambalaya, and desserts; King Cake, Mississippi Mud pie and Beignets) and lots of drink. All delicious.

Sickness, unrelated to the party, hit the following day. General Crud, coughing, fevers, aching, etc. All symptoms made even better by the fact that The Hubby was sick as well. What a pair we made. Thankfully, things are looking better today than they did for the past few days. Few days? Why yes. We are currently living in one of two cities in the US where there are days off work and school for Mardi Gras. I tried explaining the concept to The Sister who remains confused. I have had a four day weekend. Sunday is Joe Cain day (granted, this is a holiday celebrated only in the fair city of Mobile, but celebrated with gusto and gumbo), so Monday is spent recovering from Sunday and getting ready for Fat Tuesday/ Mardi Gras. Apparently the drink of choice is Vodka in Gatorade, the theory being that you replace electrolytes and hydrate while still consuming alcohol. I don't know about its efficacy, but I suppose it might work. I was sick in bed and did not get to attend any of the parades. Sad. There's always next year.

Last night at SNB I was allowed to OCD the display of Encore. The colors weren't all lined up and they said that I could fix it. Now each color has a column starting with light colors and going to dark and I feel much better. Yes, lots of knitters laughed and pointed at the crazy lady rearranging the yarn, but they all said it looked nice when I was done.

Hope you feel better soon.

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