Monday, February 05, 2007

Warning: Credit Cards May Be Slippery When Yarn Present

Hey Flan,
Thanks for all your help to get me converted to the new format.

The LYS was having a "Superball" sale yesterday (yes, someone actually came in to tell them the sign was mis-spelled). It was the first Sunday they were open, so very exciting for those of us not really obsessed with The Game. There was a discount structure, so from 8-10 there was a 40% discount. As the day progressed the discounts became less (from 10-12 30% off). I was in FL celebrating The Grandfather's 80th birthday so gave my list to one of the lovely knitters. By proxy I procured EZ's Knitter's Workshop, along with One Skein, such a fabulous little book. I've checked it out from the library for two extended periods and it's just delightful. Now I have my own.

I also got a 40" needle for socks. I know, I know, I don't knit socks, but people can change. I had previously purchased some beautiful yarn for The Sister's upcoming birthday. Trying to expand my knitting repertoire, I learned the provisional cast on (it only took 2 hours) and am doing the short row toe. Well, I did it once and managed to flunk short rows on the purl side, so had to do the whole thing over again. I'm not sure I'm picking them up properly while purling, but it's just going to have to be ok. So far I'm a big fan of this type of toe, though the provisional cast on still has me scratching my head while consulting multiple books (the winner in the end was EZ's Kw/oT).

Until this weekend I was doing well with knitting from the stash. Everything was going swimmingly, until there was a mighty slippery spot in front of some Jitterbug yarn and woops, the credit card slipped, and the yarn ended up in my bag. I wasn't even going to buy yarn (very well intended), but had picked up a skein to show Gracie. It was really to teach The Little Ladybug about good kinds of yarn, and then... well... I had a little moment of weakness and slipped. It's just so pretty. I have it out to observe and admire. Allegedly it's sock yarn but the inside of my shoes seem an awfully poor audience, so we'll see what it turns out to be.

The slippery extended across cyberspace and I ordered yarn off the internet! I'd never done it before and would just like to thank the lovely people at Webs for making it so easy. There is no login name or password and really, everyone should make it so convenient. On the other hand, it was so hassel free that I'm almost sorry I know. Now I have nothing between me and my credit card from slipping. Better lock it up.

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