Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Although Mike had a four day weekend (his normal every other Friday off combined with Presidents Day), I only had a two day weekend. Despite that, it was incredibly productive. There was socializing, lots of unpacking, a good Ikea trip, etc.

What the weekend lacked with knitting. I think I knit one round on the Manly Mitts all weekend. So last night I settled in with Arwen to do some serious knitting. I'm still in the midst of a debate with myself about raglan sleeves versus knitting the pattern as written, so I put the back and left front on stitch holders, and worked away at the right front. I'm up to the underarms on the back and left front, but only a couple inches in on the right front.

The good news is that I still love the sweater (both the knitting and the prospect of wearing it). The bad news is that there are still no pictures. In the unpacking frenzy I very carefully put the camera in a safe place that I now can't remember.

Meanwhile, I've been baking (No-Knead Bread, which was delicious on the first try, and couldn't be easier), and lusting over yarn. "But you have three sweater projects lined up" you say. And I say "yeah, I know, but just look at this beautiful sweater!"

This is helped by the fact that my father wants me to tell him what I want for my birthday, and I keep thinking "sweater kit!"

I got the package from you on Saturday....lots of chocolate (that mint chocolate is amazing) and beautiful beautiful yarn (also can't wait to knit with that!) Thanks to breaks for chocolate, unpacking was much more manageable! Thank you!

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