Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Curiouser and Curiouser

Hey Flan,
I hope your plane was hearty enough to stand up to all the sub-freezing temperatures and got you home ok.

I took your wonderful suggestion to knit a swatch out of the yarn for The Dad's sweater and then wash the swatch. I'm going on record as saying that I just don't understand. I soaked that yarn for hours, in hot water, in room temp water, in water in between room temp and warm and it would not release all the spinning oil. However, when I knit the swatch and soaked it everything came out fine. I'm befuddled- why, when it is the exact same yarn, does it behave differently when in a skein than when in a swatch? As stated in Alice in Wonderland, "Curiouser and Curiouser".

On the up side, once I washed the swatch it became softer but remained the same gauge. This made me happy because I actually had the gauge I wanted. Bolstered by the previous events, I fearlessly cast on, then foolishly only read the first three rows of the pattern and figured they were all pretty much the same from then on out. However, neglected to read crucial row 4. Once directions for row 4 were discovered, had to rip and restart. Am now back to where I was, plus one row ahead. I'm currently loving the autumnal tweed colors and so far it looks pretty good. Also, the needles I'm using have much sharper points than Addi's I have been using and I am completely infatuated with their pointy-ness.

The EZ Baby Blanket is progressing well (one ball knit, 11 to go), except that I think I started with too many stitches, so will have to rip and start over from the beginning. Also, I didn't have a locking marker and the darn thing has slipped out twice whilst in the car. While great amusement is provided for the driver, trying to find the marker in the dark by fumbling around in the car seat is not all that much fun for me.

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