Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hedgehogs to Feminist Theory

Last night at Knit Night, the conversation went from hedgehogs to feminist theory and back again with barely a pause. My stomach literally hurt from laughing so hard.

Having learned my lesson the last time I tried to work on Arwen at Knit Night, I knit along contentedly on my Broadripple Socks. Did I mention that Minnesota threw us all a very cruel bone by reaching a record 66 degrees yesterday? I waited for my bus home in short sleeves, and we had the door open at Knit Night. So I'll confess that Arwen's wool wasn't appealing to me yesterday anyway. The temperature is dropping back into normal starting today("potential for 1-2" slushy snow tonight"), so I think my wooly inspiration may soon return.

Speaking of Arwen and my dilemma, I requested Ann Budd's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns from the library, and I just got an e-mail saying it was in. So I'll pick it up on my way home, and peruse the raglan section in detail. I glanced through it last night, and with some additional math and figuring, I think I can adapt my Arwen for raglans. Mike has choir practice tonight, so I'll be sitting down with the calculator and the book and working my way through. That is, after I make the chocolate mousse I promised for the potluck on Thursday!

I did a bit of spinning when I got home. The only problem with spinning to laceweight, and only spinning for 45 minutes or so, is that though your yardage is impressive, the bobbin doesn't really look more full! If it's sunny this afternoon I'll try and take some pictures of the spinning in progress, it really is lovely.

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