Thursday, March 29, 2007

Are you Freakin' Kidding ME??!!

Hey Flan,
No worries about the swamp-ed-ness. I just had one of those moments where you really can't believe that you're as stupid as your actions. I had all the job applications forms ready to be filled out. I even made copies. I borrowed an honest to goodness Typewriter. This is after schlepping downtown yesterday to take the prerequisite Typing Test. I spent an hour painstakingly trying to fill out the forms on a typewriter with NO ERASING TAPE. I was about half way done.
Then I checked my email. There was one from Gracie asking if I wanted to go shopping, then another cancelling the shopping. Concerned that her baby was driving her crazy, I gave her a call. In the midst of our conversation, I described my ordeal with the Typewriter. Gracie, being the sensible one, said something like, "why don't you just type it on the computer?". My work computer doesn't let you do that, so I figured my home one wouldn't either. While on the phone, I sat down at my 6 year old wonder laptop and, 'shore 'nuff, can totally type on the forms.

Yup, that's right. Over an hour of extraordinarily slow progress fighting with a Typewriter for friggin' sakes when I could have been doing what? Typing on the COMPUTER FROM WHICH THE FORMS WERE PRINTED??!! Are you FREAKIN' KIDDING ME??!!

Now that I have entered the information in the computer, taking all of 4.5 minutes, as opposed to the 45 minutes it took before I am torn between both being happy at this discovery and ready to cry. The Typewritten forms do look very good and thank goodness I never have to do it again- but seriously??!! I am so far behind the technology and I'm going to cry. And I'm only 25. Shouldn't this not be happening for another decade or so?? So sad.

Knitting news: I'm designing a bib for Gracie's baby. I was going to do the petal from One Skein but it required counting past 4. Somehow, the star motif doesn't look centered though I know it is, so I'm deciding that it's a design feature and is totally supposed to look like that. I might have to go to a movie with The Hubby tomorrow. If so I'm taking The Dad's Sweater and I defy anyone to make disparaging remarks about the noise of the needles. If I have to suffer through a full length motion picture then everyone else has to suffer from the noise of addi's. It'll be good for them.

P.S. I know I haven't blogged any recent pix of me, but I have not actually undergone an extraordinary growth spurt and my arms are still about 12 inches shorter than yours. I'm flattered you think I could wear one of your jackets, but I'll probably bring my own (they'll be happy to be gotten out from the absolute bottom of the pile).
Damn. That wasn't supposed to sound snotty, and I'm sorry that it does. I think my typewriter/ technology crazy is rubbing off. I hope your Friday goes better than your Thursday.

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