Friday, March 09, 2007

Arwen, Knitty, Etc.

Arwen progress: Good! The back and both fronts are knitted up to the measurement given in the pattern for the bottom of the armholes. However, it turns out that I'm six feet tall - which I seem to forget sometimes when it comes to knitting. For once, I'd love to have a comfy cardigan that I'm not constantly tugging down to make long enough. This, after all, is the beauty of knitting, lots of customization! So I think I'm adding at least an inch of length to each piece, and maybe more. Tonight I'm planning on measuring Eris, which I think is the perfect length, and using that measurement to decide how much to add.

I still have no revelations about the raglan sleeve question. I do have broad shoulders, so I'm not sure that the sleeve construction as written would be bad for me, but I love the feel of a raglan sleeve. Things to mull as I add length to all the pieces.

I'm contemplating starting some other projects in the meantime, but haven't made any decisions. I know the chance that Arwen will get done and be wearable while its still winter here is much more likely if I stick with one project, and yet....the siren call of startitis. Knitty started it I think. I'm tempted by Isabella, and I think that Clessidra might be the perfect use for that beautiful blue sock yarn you sent me between my Montana trips. Sadly for me I already have two pairs of socks on the needles, and according to the rules, I'll need to finish one up before I can cast on.

Given all of these thoughts, here are my weekend goals:
Add length to all three existing pieces of Arwen.
Spin and ply a bunch more of the wool currently on my wheel this weekend so when my Montana fiber purchases arrive I can dive right in.
Finish the pair of Broadripple socks currently on the needles so I can take the edge of startitis by casting on for Clessidra.
Take some pictures of all of this for the blog!

I can't wait for your visit, and I'm starting my own list!

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