Thursday, March 29, 2007

Deep Breath..

Hi Flan,
Thanks for the phone call. I'm so happy for them and their upcoming large ankles and odd food cravings. It's definitely baby knitting time (it's for someone else in case anyone happens to be reading- don't put me on the baby wagon yet).

So I managed to make it through the application. Granted, this was after the typewriter incident and after my computer crashed. I had to take a nap. It was long and there was sunshine. It turns out only the first 7 pages of the application were able to be done online (this time I printed each one as I completed it). The remaining 3 pages could not be done online and the typewriter experience actually came in useful. It is now done. Whew.

Here was the next train of thought: Bailey's is yummy. But at night-time you're supposed to drink warm milk to help you sleep. Know what goes well with warm milk? Hot chocolate. Know what's good in hot chocolate? Bailey's. Everyone's happy. Well, mostly me, but that's who I'm concerned with right now.

Now I get to go and pick out baby patterns for E&H though I'm slightly tipsy so who knows what I'm going to come up with. Maybe sleep will help... Or more Bailey's... Or a combo...

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