Thursday, March 08, 2007

Countdown Begun

Hi Flan,
Thanks to many calming words and the release of the new Knitty I am mostly revived after my meltdown over the airline industry. There is a little lingering resentment, but everyone needs some kind of pet peeve.

Fun news: There are 27 days until I arrive! That's including today and the day of arrival, so it's really more like 25. I am beyond excited. Yesterday, I spent some time on the Patina and Bibelot websites and have picked out some wonderful gifties for The Mommy and The Sister. My plan is to call the stores before I arrive to confirm that they have the items at the correct locations so that I can look at them before I buy. The Boys were somewhat befuddled and quite amused that I am now "pre-shopping" in anticipation. I reminded them that I do all their shopping so that they should be grateful for my dedication to research.

On the knitting front: I can cable without a needle! Thank you Wendy. It's sort of like having no training wheels. However, I have discovered that this works much better with cotton than with wool. I'm slogging through The Sister's request for fingerless gloves. The first pair, out of cotton, cabled w/o the needles nicely. The next couple are a heavier weight yarn and out of wool. The combo of heavier wool on small needles is not so conducive to the lack of a needle.

I am planning all of my projects to bring and, apparently, I feel I will be there for some time. So far, there is finishing a sock for The Hubby, socks for M, socks for The Mommy, a hat for The SIL, a garter stitch baby blanket on size 3s and that's just the beginning. I know that the flight from Atlanta to MSP is sort of long, but I have to remember that there is no actual time warp that creates indefinite knitting time.

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