Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Raglan Moss

Hey Flan,
Although we had a pretty good SNB last night I don't recall any hedgehogs nor any transition therefrom. Would it be possible for you to hang on to that library book until after my trip? It actually parlays nicely into a matter that I've been thinking about.

In my Rowan Magazine 30 there is a sweater I've always wanted to do for The Mommy. For some reason it popped into my head yesterday and I went on a yarn search. So far, the field is dominated by two contendors; Mission Falls 1824 Cotton and Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton. The Blue Sky is winning. The sweater is a raglan V-neck with a single braided cable down the front. Completely beautiful and completely The Mommy. The only problem? The ENTIRE thing except for the cable is moss stitch. My nemesis. In the continuum of knitting I dislike it is below ribbing and only a smidgen above entrelac. However, I love how it looks. Sigh.

Problem two: this pattern was written for giantess-es who enjoy wearing their garments very very loose. For the smallest size (34in bust) the final measurement is 23.5 inches across the front (47in total) and 27 in long. It seemed extremely large. I pulled out a very loose sweater of my own. I do not fall into the 34in bust category and my sweater is 3 inches smaller around and 6 inches shorter. The pattern was clearly not written for a petit, short waisted person. I'm definitely going to need some help with the mods.

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