Monday, March 26, 2007

81 Degrees!

I started this post yesterday, but never finished it. So here it is, with additions at the end...

It's just a week till you're here, and I'm crazy excited. The way I can prove this is that tonight I'm going to go home and clean in preparation!

I've been reading all the comments about the REPRESENT event, and thanks for the great link to the story about Joe showing up. I was sitting at my desk crying because the whole thing was so overwhelmingly cool.

In recognition of the fact that the Harlot is going to be right here in St Paul, I've been planning. Rumor has it that the event is already full and they're doing a waiting list! So glad that I reserved a space for us! I left a comment on the Harlot's blog explaining how far Alabama is from Minnesota (in Miles and Kilometers). I also canceled one order for the new book (at B&N) because when I originally called they said they would receive copies by the 30th of March, and would contact me if there were any delays, and then today I called to check and their arrival date is now April 8th. Unacceptable! So I called the Yarnery (which already has it in stock), and ordered two.

SundayMike and I hosted an all day board game extravaganza. People arrived at 9am, and the game broke up around 9pm. One of the participants had dropped off the breakfast dish the night before, and so I put it in the oven around 8am. So we ate breakfast, played the game, snacked, played the game, ate sushi and pasta salad, played the game, snacked, played the game, ate dinner, finished the game, and ate dessert. I made Spinach-Pesto Lasagna and Lemon Ginger Cheesecake for dinner, and both were big hits. They also both had the advantage of being assembled the day before, which was key, and they easily feed 10 people.

All through the game, I knit away on Clessidra, which are turning out great. Now that the pattern is established, I only need to look at the chart occasionally, which makes them go much faster. There would be pictures of the socks, but my camera isn't talking to my computer at the moment.

Yesterday in Minnesota it was 81 degrees! In March! We set records! It was gorgeous! Mike got home and we decided that despite the enormous amount of leftovers, we should take advantage of the unseasonable weather, and so we took ourselves off to have dinner on the patio of the Happy Gnome. It was a brilliant plan, but it meant we got home and pretty much went to bed. Today we're back to seasonable weather, so it turns out to have been a good decision to sit on the patio all evening.

One week till you're here!

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