Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Promised Pictures


My weekend goals didn't quite happen as planned. It turned into a more hectic weekend than I would have liked (complete with an emergency vet trip for the dog we were dogsitting), and there was therefore less knitting and spinning than I had hoped.

So all I manages was to finish the fiber I was spinning and clear my wheel of all existing fiber, and knit on (but not finish) one of the pairs of socks.

On Saturday we came home from running errands to discover a package slip waiting for us. Sadly our apartment office had already closed, so I had to wait till yesterday to pick up my package. I suspected it was my purchases from Montana, and sure enough, there it was.

This was quite a haul!

That ball of gray yarn resting on top of the spinning fiber is what I bought to finish my Dad's hat.

Then there was sock yarn:

On skein of Bearfoot from Mountain Colors in Teal (I think). It's beautiful, extremely subtlety variegated, and oh so soft. This is going to marinate in the stash for a bit I think. I'm considering the Here be Dragons Socks from Theresa at Keyboard Biologist Knits.

Then I bought three balls of spinning fiber, each was 1/2 lb. These are all from Sweet Grass Wool, located in Helena, Montana. They're hand dyed Targhee Wool, and absolutely soft and beautiful. This first one is called Winter Sky, and is a perfect blend of colors.

I also bought Wildflower, with all the shades of pinks and reds and purples (hand included for scale).

And Marias Falls, which I apparently failed to get a close-up of, but can be seen just above the sock yarn in the first picture. Marias Falls was actually the first one I picked out, and the others followed in quick succession.

And then there was this beautiful Predator Friendly Wool (article here). That would be just over 7 oz. of natural black Blue Faces Leicaster Wool. Its very fluffy and light, (as you can see, one ball of this is only 2 oz, but is almost as big as the half lb ball of Targhee above.

So I think I'll be busy for a while!

Last night after dinner I brought down my spinning wheel and started spinning the Wildflower colorway while we watched Shut Up and Sing, the Barbara Kopple documentary about the Dixie Chicks. It was excellent, and I got quite a bit of spinning done. However, given how much fiber there is, I hardly put a dent in it! I'm currently spinning toward laceweight in the hopes of creating a two ply yarn for a shawl. Pictures when there's a bit more on the bobbin!

Tonight is Knit Night at Borealis, and I think I'll take Arwen for adding that inch, and possibly my sock in an attempt to finish it so that I can cast on for Clessidra in that beautiful sock yarn you gave me.

P.S. I know I've linked to Eunny before, but did you see her big news? She's the new editor of Interweave Knits, my favorite Knitting Magazine!

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