Monday, March 19, 2007

Pure Intensity and Strawberries

Hey Flan,
I am in some serious need for sleep. Last week I couldn't sleep because The Hubby was gone. When he returned I couldn't sleep because I kept having really really bizarre dreams. Now I don't know why I can't sleep but I'm about to take drastic measures. It's probably because I'm so freakin' excited about coming to see you.

It's strawberry season down here. We picked up a half flat on the way to The Grandmother's. I got extremely ambitious and decided to make jam. It turns out I read the part about the amount of fruit wrong and had 8 cups of crushed berries instead of 5. There is now a ton of jam. And pie. And cookies. I'm completely exhausted.

The only knitting that was accomplished last weekend was working on fingerless gloves while in the ER w/ The Grandmother. We were visiting because it was the 2nd anniversary of The FIL's death and thought she would need some company. It turns she had not quite gotten over the bug that has hit Pensacola. Her illness was going on day 5 when we arrived. It turns out she had lied to me when she said she had gotten a couple of perscriptions from the ER on Tuesday. She went but got tired of waiting so went home. She was looking better Friday but Saturday morning asked me to take her to the doctor. They pumped her full of fluids, determined that there was no abdominal bleed, told her she would live to 97 and gave her some (real) perscriptions. I made the nice Navy man repeat the part about "no alcohol". She asked if that included wine.

Happy Monday.

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