Monday, April 02, 2007

The Lists

Hey Flan,
Here's a paniky post in addition to the nutty email I just sent.
At 7:43am the day before departure (btw: in 23 hours I should be landing in Atlanta- oh Lawd).
The Lists:
List A:Remind The Hubby to do whilst I'm gone and how to fake it so I won't know he hasn't done them upon my return- 4 items.
List B: Food to pick up whilst in MN- 4 items at spice store, 3 at grocery store- remember to write down list off white board in kitchen.
List C: Stuff to pack- have realized I won't be gone for a month and can bring fewer than 1 pair of shoes per day. Am trying to remember that shoe space could be better used by yarn.- items undetermined.
List D: stuff to remember to put in carry-on (also, remember carry-on)- items also undertemined, though pile is large.
List E: wish list of yarn to purchse- constantly growing (seriously, they could derive mathematical formulae from the life cycle of this thing)
List F: where to go in MN- so far 3 or 4 yarn stores, 2 malls, 1 jewelry store, 2 cooking stores.
List G (G for Gracie): Gracie's List- book, (got to remember to have her book signed), stuff for baby- approx 5 items.
List H: places to eat in MN- 3 items so far.
List I: stuff to remember to do before I leave- this is also changing and it's the one that's currently freaking me out.
List J: what on earth am I going to knit on the plane??- 2 items so far with stuff for third.

Ironically, now that I have listed my 10 lists I feel much better. Whew. Only 70 minutes until my meeting where I can write all the itemized lists down. Will try to remember to only drink decaf.

28.5 hours to go until I land!

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Gracie said...

I'm so glad that I have my own list and it is so wonderfully labeled. I hope that you have a great trip Kathleen and the two of yall have fun! And try not to be too cold.