Friday, April 13, 2007

"Is that handpainted merino?"

Hey Flan,
I hope your week improved as it has gone on. Mine certainly has. My meeting yesterday was surprisingly not horrible and my meeting scheduled for today has been moved. Pretty good way to start a Friday.

The Hubby and I had one of those moments the other day. The moment when he says something knitting related or asks a knitting related question that makes me think he really does pay attention when I blather on and on about The Yarn or The Knitting. I was happily going on and on (and on) about how much I was loving The Clapotis. In a "No wonder everyone else on the planet has made one already" type of manner. I found some Artyarn I had purchased at LYS and hadn't known what to do with. I pulled it out and showed it to him as a Clapotis contender for either The Mommy or The Best Man's Mom (who loves the color but does live in AL- so not much opportunity to wear merino, especially if you are at the "power surge" stage of life). And then it happened. He was looking at this fabulous yarn and said, "Is that handpainted merino?"

I almost fell over. This man, the man I married and pledged to love forever in front of lots of people, the man who loves rocks above almost all other things had, apparently, come out of the rock loving haze long enough for some of the knitting chatter to sink in and asked a beautiful, insightful knitting question. And got a great big kiss.

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