Monday, April 09, 2007

Freakin' Fabulous

Hi Flan,
Can you believe we made it on the blog?? She, and the freakin' fabulous talk she gave, are still making me happy. I know, I know, I sadly do not have any photos up- yet. The Hubby was gracious enough to offer to help and then couldn't find the part that connects the camera to the computer. Since I was unloading the dishwasher, finishing laundry, talking to The Mommy and cleaning at the time, all with the tv turned to his program, I was not much help. Fingers crossed that today we pry the things out of the camera for the world to see.

I hope you had a happy Easter. The cheese blintzes were completed and actually came out pretty well. Also, people had fun decorating egg shaped cookies with mounds of colored frosting. We agreed it was more fun than decorating actual eggs.

Last night, while trying to work through the piles that had exploded from the many suitcases, I realized there was a lot of yarn to be put in the wardrobe. Then I realized the drawers were in sad disarray. We watched "Antiques Roadshow" and I organized the heck out of my yarn. It's so pretty. As long as the neurotic OCD applies only to myself it's alright- right?

And then there was casting on. Under quasi-instructions from Stephanie, I decided that I too needed a Clapotis. Since apparently every other knitter on the planet seems to have one (according to the Harlot Gospel) I was feeling left out. Gracie had gifted me with a beautiful ginormous skein of handpainted yarn, so I knew I had something in the stash that would work. So far I'm completely smitten- and the blue that had dyed my fingers last night is mostly gone. I was so struck by the fun it's being (at a whole 20 rows in) I have scoured the internet looking for possible yarns for which to make something for The SIL and The Sister for Xmas. So far I'm besotted with Artyarns' Regal Silk. It's pretty and it's varigated and it's silk. All good things for gifts. I know I know, apparently I think I'm going to win the Lotto, but it's nice to dream.

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