Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Hey Flan,
I hope things are less harried than they were yesterday. It's Finals time down here, so that's fun. Lab final for the Hubby tomorrow and a class final next week, though he's not sure exactly when. Oy.

In addition to trying to get him ready for Field Camp (a losing battle by the way) there has been knitting. I found the needles I had been using for The Dad's Sweater. They had been needed for a different project but whatever that was is now done. Sunday I found the needles and put the project back on them. It seems happy.

Clapotis is trucking along. There was some progress last night while waiting for The Boys to grill kebabs. Kebabs are seriously the fastest things to grill, 5 minutes total if you're slow and the fire is too. They managed to take a very long time, so I knitted.

The Hubby's sweater is actually coming along nicely. I have not only flipped the hem, but am about an inch and a half past that point. It's now the project I work on during my lunch hour. So much faster than The Garter St blanket on 3s. The LYS owner seemed kind of confused about why there is a different color for the hem/ lining part. Brooklyn Tweed's was done that way and it looked fantastic, so I'm doing it that way too. I'm such a follower.

I'm thinking about frogging The Mommy's Socks. I don't wanna knit socks. I don't like knitting socks. I realize I will be taken to a remote location and severely poked with sharp sticks for that last sentence, but some of us just don't knit socks. Every other knitter (all of whom knit socks like there's no tomorrow) on the planet needs to take a deep breath and accept it. The yarn, which The Mommy says looks like a box of crayons, would be good in a kid's sweater, or really anything other than a pair of socks. I just don't wanna.

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EnnaVic said...

Hi - I just had to comment on the sock thing. I so completely understand.

I started my first pair of socks a month or so ago and hated it. I have nearly finished one of those socks and am not even planning to start the second because I just hated it so so much.

But I hate to be defeated so I got some self-striping yarn and am knitting a pair of simple socks out of that. And will finish those. I'm not hating it so much but I will never be a sock knitter.

To each their own - and I'm a sweater and hat person. :)