Monday, April 16, 2007

Curl Up & Dye

Hey Flan,
I hope the nutty is going at a livable pace.

This weekend we were hit by a truly astonishing multi-hour rain storm. We discovered that my car really does have a leak, though unlike The Hubby's car, the water in mine comes in on the driver's side floorboard, not through the sunroof.

What to do whilst it is pouring outside (during the less intense downpours the boys were swimming in the pool)? Dye some yarn. I had collected a bunch of Kool-aid and some jars. Gracie also had some Kool-aid in the cupboard. Yes, there are pictures, no, we have not yet found the connect-y bit. We had approximately 6 different shades of red/pink. My inexperience with Kool-aid made me believe the different flavors would be different colors. I used all the different colors of reds and pinks, separately and in conjunction. Almost ALL the yarn came out red. Really really red. There is a small bit of difference between the 4 different dye pots of red, but not enough to suggest there are 6 different colors involved. I now have 2 skeins, each dyed into (theoretically) 3 different colors. There is a lot of red and one part of dark purple and one part of lighter purple.

What to do with 500 yards of worsted weight in reds and purples? So far I'm thinking of doing a Clapotis, using both balls, switching every 2 rows so the different balls will work together to make a nice (?) combo. I suggested making felted tea cozies and The Hubby looked at me like the Kool-aid fumes had gone to my head.

On happy knitting news, my finger no longer hurts! I did something to the back of my right hand between the first and second fingers, making the index finger hurt when curled. The index finger and only the index finger. There had not been any knitting for 4 days and everyone was getting on edge. I'm happy to report that it's doing much better and the Clapotis and I are trundling right along.

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Gracie said...

You are also forgetting the fact that it did look like a placenta like Grumperina said that it would. I think a Clapotis with both of them would be loverly.