Friday, April 27, 2007

Rambling Random Friday

Hi Flan,
Here's a whole bunch of random:
1. I got 11 1/2 hours of sleep last night. Please don't throw things at the screen, it wasn't my fault, honest. I was reading after dinner and, next thing I knew, it was two hours later and The Hubby was waking me up to ask if I wanted to stay in the guest bed or move to our room. Sleep is the best facial a girl ever had. This morning my skin looks great. Or maybe my eyes rested. Whatever it was it worked.

2. I decided E&H need to have a little girl. Firstly, it would be fun to see E raising a little girl and secondly, I had a "stash rememberance" and recalled that I have 2 skeins of lavendar Artyarn that would look fantastic in EZ's February Sweater. Plus they live in Michigan, so the child-to-be can't have too many sweaters, right? We should email H and let her know she needs to order up a girl because I don't think they want a purple sweater for their little boy.

3. Today is Buy The List Day. Technically, the list is comprised of 12 separate lists. Yes, that's right, TWELVE. There was the big professor issued list and it had to be broken down into the stuff we have, the stuff we can borrow and then stuff to be purchased, separated by store. All in all that's 12. Then we "get" to label every single little thing with his name. Thankfully, it's short.

4. We found the connecty-bit from the camera to the computer. It was next to the computer the entire time. The Hubby is no longer in charge of looking for things. There was a successful transfer of photos to computer A, then computer A to USB drive. I successfully ejected USB drive and put it into computer B- and then everything went south. Computer B no longer thinks the USB drive is formatted- ACK! So I unplugged it from computer B and called The Hubby. He said to try to plug it into computer A. So I did. Computer A (instigator of the whole problem) now thinks the USB drive is not formatted. Don't worry- the photos of The Harlot are still in the camera and computer A so even if the USB drive has gone kaput we still have the photos. I have successfully used this USB drive in both of these computers before, so I think they need to sit in the corner and think about their actions and then apologize to both the USB drive and to me.

5. Mistislav Rostropovich passed away last night. He was 80 and had intestinal cancer, but it's sad. He was an incredible cellist and maestro. I remember being in master classes and watching videos of him. He had the most incredible hands and his expertise was both humbling and inspiring.

Hope things are at a manageable amount of crazy. Remember to deep breathe and that we all love you and that Wednesday will be over soon.

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