Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Blogiversary!

Hi Flan,
Happy Blogiversary to us! It was one year ago today when you were sitting on the only remaining chair in the apartment as The Hubby and I were madly packing and we decided to launch The Blog. Why a blog? Because I am not so good at responding to emails (though I am trying to be better) and you don't like to answer your phone. It seems The Blog has been a good compromise.

No one has ever asked about the name, but seeing as it's our blogiversary I feel like reminiscing. Flan had been so kind as to come over and assist with the nightmare that was packing. The Hubby and I were leaving MN to move to AL, hence a lot of packing needed to happen. Flan had brought over dinner from Panera and I had mixed cosmos (this was way back when Flan was still drinking). However, in my enthusiasm- or desire to try and use up the Sam's Club sized Vodka- I had sort of gotten the proportion of vodka to cosmo mix 'slightly' off and "Emphatic" cosmos were born. They had an amazing amount of power- one that sort of explains the randomness of what was packed with what that night. Yes, we named The Blog after the strength of our drinks that night.

Congrats to us! We made it one year and tonight I will have a drink in honor of our blogiversary.

P.S. Thanks to Flan I learned that the first anniversary gift is paper, but since this is a digital age in which we live I'm choosing to ignore that. And I couldn't make the post it note thingy work properly.

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Kim said...

Happy Blogiversary to both of you, and thank you for sharing your musings with the rest of us. Emphatic Cosmos sound great!