Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Helloooo from MN!
The minute I landed the snow started. Sort of a cruel "up yours" from good ol' Mother Nature right there. There is now snow on the ground (which is fine) and a really really cold wind (which is not fine). I took photos and thought wistfully of the sunny, 80s that The Hubby is having right now. Sadly, Flan has to go to work today. I'm trying to convince her that she needs to get a "crushing headache" and not be able to go to work today. Her darn work (and a big meeting tomorrow) have her chained to the desk. It's sad.

Flan and I went to SNB at Borealis last night. I love that store. It's happy and there's a coffee shop connected by an archway so the knitters don't even have to get cold in pursuit of the caffeine high. Yarn was purchased. It took 2 hours to decide on what to get. There was the initial craze of running around like the true nutter that I am, grabbing everything in sight, but then there was serious contemplation and sorting. After a final edit I have some fantastic things. Even the morning after they look good (even better than I do).

On the plane I knit on a sock. After turning the heel I realized that there were 4 extra stitches. Well, not really extra, they were supposed to be there, just not on the heel flap. They were supposed to be waaaaay back there on the instep. We went on time out for the remainder of the flight while I read a trashy mystery. Last night, in the presence of truly talented knitters I took a deep breath and ripped. The flap looks better now.

Today's agenda (in chronological order): Shopping, meeting with a professor, and.... The HARLOT. I hope she likes the coffee from Carpe. I thought about bringing yarn but decided that caffeine is never a bad idea. Now I just have to find some warmer clothes....

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Kim said...

Given her trip to Ann Arbor, I'm sure the Harlot will appreciate the extra caffeine!