Saturday, July 07, 2007

Too Early to Be Awake

Hey Flan,

For some reason that will remain unknown forever, I woke up at 5:37 on a Saturday morning. During the week when there are such horrors as going to the gym I will occasionally be awake during the ungodly hour of 5 am but this should never ever occur during the sanctity of a Saturday. After it became sadly obvious that I would not be sleeping any more I decided to get up and negotiate with my camera so that I could have photos in the post.

Alas, now am I not only awake far too early, I can't find the camera connecty bit. The Hubby rearranged the computer stuff not too long ago and seems to have disappeared the connecty bit. Naturally, he is asleep and it just seems wrong that more than one of us should have to be awake right now.

The "no it isn't" baby blanket is finished! Ends woven in and blocked and everything. I love it. The Hubby loves it. I was showing it off and he was loving it and then he asked, "um, how much do you like the person you were going to give it to? 'Cause if you don't like her that much, um, I'd be happy to use it." I informed him that, although I don't know the intended recipient all that well I know and like her mother quite a bit, so he couldn't have it. I will show off pictures in November when it is gifted at the baby shower. The pattern was very fun to knit and anything on 9s goes pretty fast and I love Cascade Sierra, so I told him I would make him a "grown up" one... at some point.

After basking in the glow of a FO I managed to get through a whole 2 rows of Clue 2. So far so good.

Last night, before waking up at a truly absurd time, I dreamt about the fair isle hat from brooklyn tweed. Somehow in the dream I had knit the entire thing in an afternoon or some craziness like that but had neglected to do the lining and was freaking out. Sleeping can be so stressful. Now the question is: should I start the hat? Was the dream a warning against fair isle? Is it the universe telling me I learned nothing from my aspartame hangover last Thursday and punishing me for having a diet drink yesterday? I'm voting for the latter and going to try and find some water.

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