Thursday, July 05, 2007

Slowly Mysterious

Hey Flan,

Have you read Stephanie today? She's joined the Mystery Stole too! I so excited that the Harlot herself is doing the same project as we are. However, there was something that made me a little shocked and a bit surprised all at the same time. The person Stephanie was referencing said that the first clue took only ONE AFTERNOON to complete. Who is this woman and how fast is it that she knits??!! Good grief.

That was a big ol' slice of humble pie. It took me 2 tries and 4 days to do the first little bit. I have to have almost complete silence and go very very slowly in order for it to come out remotely close to correct. I feel like I'm on a track for "special" lace knitters and should just sit quietly on the sidelines (muttering "yarn over, knit two together" to myself) and watch all those fast people speed past.

[Sidenote: I wish people would refrain from posting finished pictures until the next clue comes out. It seems to spoil the mystery.]

The only consolation at all is that I am getting blessedly closer to the end of the "no it isn't " baby blanket. I was stuck in the black hole of having something 1/2-2/3 done and no matter how much you knit it doesn't seem to make a difference. I watched a Miss Marple and refused to let myself knit on anything else. I think it's about 3/4 the way done and am extraordinarily relieved.

A new clue comes out tomorrow and I really hope it's the slow tortoises among us who will faithfully plod along and actually finish. At least that's what I'm going to tell myself while everyone finishes it before I have a chance to click "print".

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two sticks and yarn said...

I just finished chart a today. It took me ALL night. I found that the written out directions really sped things up. I would have never finished or even understood the first clue if I had to follow the chart. I was lost on row 5 for an hour and frogged 5 rows about 10 times until I started following the written pattern. I found you by googling MS3 and Misti Alpaca. That is what I am using in black with black beads. I know pretty boring but there was a limited selection. Keep up the great knitting!