Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Hey Flan,

Happy Christmas in July! Last night the knitters all got together to celebrate Christmas. Last year we had a fantastic Christmas party in December, but many were not able to attend due to all the other December Christmas parties. This year we decided to pre-empt all the other parties by having ours in July.

There was fantastic food; unbelieably good broccoli salad, gigantic shrimp, chicken, pasta salad, bread, pesto and more. Then there was crazy generous gifting. We had swapped names before the party so everyone had a gift created especially for them. I was stunned by the generosity of my swap partner and came home with some truly fantastic yarn and lots of goodies (even The Hubby was impressed). After gifts there was a cookie exchange and damn these women can cook! I love having friends who excel in the kitchen.

Of course I forgot my camera, but took some photos with Gracie's.

Hope you have a nice early Xmas.

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