Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! Mine was graced with good food, a day full of board and party games, knitting, and fireworks. What more could one want?

Your Tuesday storm sounds a little too exciting! We need the rain badly here- even with rain on Tuesday, we're still well below normal, and my gardens show it. However, we're not nearly as bad off for rain as my hometown, which canceled its fireworks show for the second year in a row (and I think the 6th time in 8 years). It turned out to be a good precaution, as a neighboring town that opted to go on with the show managed to start a small fire!

Tuesday, armed with Knit Night companionship and a deep breath, I ripped the heel and gusset from my sockapalooza sock, put the stitches back on the needle, and recommenced knitting. As a result of my lovely day yesterday, I've reknit most of the gusset, and hope to knit the heel tonight.
After all, tomorrow Clue #2 of Mystery Stole 3 will be posted! I'm very very close to the end of Clue 1- maybe 5 rows away, so that should get finished tonight for optimum knitting over the weekend.

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