Tuesday, July 17, 2007


You're the second person to recommend Wordplay, so into the queue it goes!

I'm currently wanting to see the new Harry Potter (but maybe should watch the 4th one first? I've seen the first 3).

Also Ratatouille, Sicko, etc.

Unfortunately, I rarely get to movies in theaters these days- so more netflix is in my future. The other advantage to Netflix is that I can knit more complicated things during netflixed movies than during movie-theater movies.

This weekend my major accomplishment was making Jam. Lots of jam. I made two batches of strawberry and two of raspberry, so I'm well on my way to another successful summer of jam making!

Knitting? Hmm. Lets see. Since my last post, I've knit a few more rows on Mystery Stole 3, but I'm now solidly behind. My only bad lace karma this weekend (aside from simply having no time to knit) was when I knit row 137 a total of seven times cause I couldn't get the darn thing right. It probably served me right for trying to knit it at midnight! I finally gave up, and then knit it correctly on the first try the next morning...

We'll be up north this weekend. I'm taking MS3, though I reserve the right to NOT knit on it if the atmosphere is too hectic, and my sockapalooza socks, which, with any luck (serious knocking on wood here,) I'll get some serious progress on. They're supposed to be sent the first week of August, and I'll be squeaking in if I'm lucky.

Sadly, no knit night for me this week, as I have a work meeting. I'll miss both the knitting time and the excellent socializing. I'm off to do some research and balance organizational checkbooks...doesn't that sound like fun?

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