Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Out of Danger.

Hey Flan,

It seems the fire is out, thank goodness. On one level I know that the forests and other parts need fires and that fire is vital to the forest ecosystem. On another level it's just freaky when your parents could be homeless because the house you grew up in has burned. They think it was started by someone playing with fireworks.

I have been thinking about the MS3. I will say that I have never ever ever knit a lace stole, however, after you get to a certain point isn't it just the whole thing but flipped upside down?? I suppose my question is: isn't this really half of a mystery? I assume that the stole will have some sort of symmetry, so won't the last triangle look like a reverse of the first triangle? It seems that we should be able to flip the charts upside down and finish it without more clues. Is that completely nutty? I'm probably missing something.

Sadly, the only knitting completed yesterday was 20 sts on The Dad's Sweater while waiting in a parking lot and the only progress on the MS3 was the above pondering. I was talking to The Grandmother about my new part time job and she asked when, after all that time spent at work, was I going to find time to knit. I love that she was concerned about the loss of knitting time.

Happy Tuesday.

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