Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Question of the Day

Last night I knit, tinked, and knit again, and only made about two rows worth of progress on the Mystery Stole. I think I just completed row 67, so I'm still on track.

Here's the question: will I be too distracted at Knit Night for successful lace knitting? Should I take the Mystery Stole, or take socks?

Which means it's time for a confession: I think I need to rip out the heel on my sockapalooza socks- the heel that I turned last week at Knit Night. Last night I tried the sock on, and the length fit me. All very well and good except for the part where my pal has bigger feet than me! This would, of course, also require the ripping out of the gusset, which I now think I started too early. Perhaps I'll bring the sock to Knit Night for moral support.

After deciding I was done with the Mystery Stole for the night last night (and watching the Twins lose to the Yankees), Mike and I watched the final episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip-Aaron Sorkin's latest show. Sadly, it never seemed to get any traction, so it was canceled, and we've watched the last few episodes online. While watching, I knit on the socks newly dubbed "the Kermit Socks." These would be the ones that you started the toes, and gifted me with in April. One heel is now turned, and I'm working up the leg, and the other is in the midst of the gusset.

So tonight, what should I do? Bring the stole in case I have enough concentration? Knit only on the sockapalooza socks (or rip and re-knit, as the case may be?)?

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Kathleen said...

I don't know about you... but I can't even listen to people when I knit lace. I can only knit it while sitting in one particular chair, with a table with the chart on it next to me. I cut a little "row window strip" out of index cards (all taped together when the rows get too long) so that it only shows one row at a time. It takes monastic silence in order for me to successfully knit lace. You have much more experience with lace than I, but tinking lace makes me near tears, so I'd suggest the socks.