Monday, July 16, 2007

Get Ready, Get Set, Monday!

Hey Flan,

If this was the cabin weekend I hope it went well, if not, then I hope it goes well. My weekend, well, really just Sunday as Sunday is now my only day of rest, was really nice. A truly shocking amount was accomplished and we watched a great movie. Much like "Spellbound" and the Scrabble movie, "Wordplay" is a fascinating look into the world of crossword puzzles. It was also oddly compelling and I'd recommend adding it to your Netflix queue.

Let's see... knitting content... The Dad's sweater is trucking along, despite the fact that I've nicknamed it "The Rotting Pumpkin". The orange-y of the main colored tweed, plus all the multi colored tweedy bits all seem quite reminiscent of a rotting pumpkin, at least to my poor muddled brain. There's only an inch or so of mindless stockinette remaining before I can switch to mindless ribbing and the body will be done (!). At that point I have to seriously convince myself that he really really doesn't want a vest and the darn thing really should have sleeves.

MS3 update: there has been progress! Friday I first got into a tizzy and then had to tink back the 6 rows of progress which had been the grand total of what I had done the previous week. I then trucked on and noticed, approximately 20 rows later that there was still a mistake and I hadn't tinked back far enough. I told myself one of those lies that we knitters do- it will block out. At this point I'm choosing to believe the lie and am hoping that if the blocking doesn't fix it that The Grandma, whose eyes will be 90 like the rest of her, really won't notice. It is kind of obvious but I'm leaving my faith to the blocking.

Yesterday I meant to sit down and make it through Clue 2. However, the lace mojo and I never quite found our groove and there was serious tinking to the point where we went on mutual time outs. I think I'm on row 135 but don't really remember. It turns out that I make lots of mistakes after working 13.5hr days, so the MS3 and I are probably on sabbatical until next Friday.

Happy Monday.

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