Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fires and Lace

I'm so glad the house and your parents are safe. It seems to me that you make a bargain when you live in much of the West. You get to live in truly beautiful, spectacular places, and in return, you run a risk of fire as the forests renew themselves. Having been on both sides of an evacuation threat (as an evacuee and as a dispatcher), I always breathe a great sigh of relief when the danger passes, and life returns to normal.

This has not been the most productive knitting week in recent memory. Too much work combined with a migraine on Monday night means that the only knitting accomplished since the weekend happened at Knit Night on Tuesday. I'm trucking along on the heel of the first of my sockapalooza socks, and I should get some good knitting time tonight and tomorrow night, so I think the first sock may be finished by Monday. That would be ideal, given that the socks are supposed to ship the first week of August.

I've also knit a few rows on MS3- though I'm a bit behind for tomorrow's release of Clue #3. With luck, it'll get done tonight, but we're hosting game night, which is sometimes functional for knitting lace, and sometimes not so much. After all, I knit the first half of Clue #1 while playing a board game about British history. If there's no MS3 knitting tonight, I'll be knitting on my sockapalooza socks and hoping I can make up the difference on MS3 this weekend.

As for your question, I think I read somewhere that the stole is going to be asymmetrical in pattern (though not in shape), so I don't think we'll be re-knitting the same clues later on.

I'm also beginning to plan- we've scheduled a cabin trip for the weekend after this one- will I bring the MS3, or is that asking for trouble? Should I just bring socks to knit on? As usual, my knitting packing for the trip is happening in my head long before I pack any clothes!

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