Monday, July 30, 2007

It's Cooler if You Take Your Pants Off

Hey Flan,

So one of the side effects in living in Lower Alabama is that summer is exceedingly disgusting. Humidity is through the roof, which brings out all kinds of revolting and disgusting bugs and other icky things. The other effect of summer is the power company's oh so lovely summer prices. I have discovered you can pretty much predict that your power bill will double. This is not really fun for me and I have gone on strike against paying the bill. The Hubby now has to do it because I kept wanting to scribble hateful messages. Trying to keep the power bill somewhere in the range of affordable, we turn up/down (?) the A/C so that it's around 78*/80* and get out the fans. Unfortunately, some of the rooms in our house get really really warm in the afternoon. I was in such a room the other day and was getting exceedingly warm when I realized I would probably be cooler if I were wearing fewer clothes. Hence the discovery that it's cooler if you take your pants off.

Knitting! There is progress! I sent The Hubby fishing last week and his absence does so much good for the knitting progress. I finished Clue 3 of MS3! It looks pretty good. Last night I started Clue 4 last night and made it to row 211 before all the little lines started to blur.

I picked up the neck stitches on The Rotting Pumpkin, then knit a couple of rows and am in the process of binding off. The directions don't say that you're supposed to secure the teeny neckband, but where I picked up the sts is really obvious, so I think I'm going to sew it down once I'm done.

I really really want to finish something. Working 59 hours per week cuts into the knitting time in a very sad way. Thankfully, tonight I work only 3 hours so am going to try to knit super fast and make it look like I've gotten something done.

Happy Monday.

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