Friday, July 20, 2007

Cheez-its and Cherries

Hey Flan,

I have rarely been so happy to see a day as I was to have today arrive. It's just been one of those unbelievably long weeks. I'm really excited that today is today despite the fact that there was beyond no food in the house (by that I mean no bread to make toast for breakfast), so my breakfast of champions today consists of Cherries (from WA, of course) and Cheez-its. Yum Yum.

The knitting has crept along at snail pace this week. I am half way done with the ribbing on The Rotting Pumpkin/ The Dad's Sweater! Ribbing takes forever and I hate it. Oh well, another inch to go. Also, I finished Clue 2 of MS3!! Last night, while watching an unbelieavble PBS show, "Okie Noodling" (people- ok, really just men- catching catfish bare handed in water that is not at all EPA approved), I made it to row 155 on Clue 3. Thank goodness we have an extra week for Clue 4.

Yesterday I found this bag and became completely obsessed. I so want one and am really not going to pay $68 for it. I did a little investigating and think I have figured out how to make my own. I was going to go to the fabric store anyway today and might just have to look for the right parts to make it.

Happy Cabin-ing this weekend.

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