Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wedding Story

Hey Flan,

First of all, THANK YOU for the unbelievably fantastic anniversary gift! Personalized leather coasters in one of our colors. Fantastic, though so pretty that I'm not sure my glasses are worthy. We had a nice night and reviewed, once again, how funny it was for everyone for me to swear in front of the minister.

For anyone who was not present, I had been under the mistaken assumption that the official part of getting married was actually saying the vows. In linguistic classes we had talked about the declarative power of words and in the pre-meetings with the minister we had never actually said the vows, just alluded to them. So before the ceremony, we signed the marriage license. After I signed The Sister started telling me a story about The Grandma. Other people were signing and I was still under the impression that we had to SAY something. Nope. The Best Man finished signing and The Minister said, "you are now married."

I looked at him- a very nice man I have known since I was in the 3rd grade- and said, "Holy S--T." Then, realizing I had just sworn in front of a minister, said, "oh my god". And then I asked if we really had to go through with the whole ceremony and couldn't we just go have a reception. Everyone just laughed. I continued to feel like I was going to be sick (should have been on happy pills or a bit drunk).

Today, the beginning of year four, I sent The Hubby off to fish with friends and am going to work at both jobs. Oh the romantics that we are.

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