Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lost Some Mojo, Found an Earring

Hey Flan,

So I went on a cleaning binge yesterday. Not so much a cleaning as a clearing out. Nothing was safe and the parts I didn't get to yesterday are just bracing for their time to come this weekend. There were papers and such that haven't seen the light in ages. Damn it felt good. The truly happy thing? I found the missing Emerald Earring!! For some reason I had tucked one of them into the drawer below where it should have been and for the past year had thought it was lost forever. I found it yesterday and am wearing both earrings and the matching necklace today.

My knitting mojo seems to be on hiatus. I don't know how or why but it seems to be gone. While working on The Super Secret Project I discovered, after finding those last two pesky stitches a couple of repeats back, that I had randomly reversed the right and wrong sides. For some reason I started knitting where I should have been purling and we had to go on time out.

Last week at Knit Night I had to rip out 1.5 inches of The Hubby's sweater. This week I thought I was doing really really well, until I discovered it seems I have been inconsistent with the number of rows between decreases. After several deep breaths, I consulted with another knitter and we decided it was ok and the world would not, in fact, end because the armholes were a little deeper than expected.

I had been working on the MS3. I was so excited. Then I discovered at the end of the row that there was one too many stitches. Woops. It turns out I had left out a YO a couple of rows back and I'm just going to tink back in order to try and fix it.

I also decided that the DB Alpaca Silk scarf I started is crap and it's just waiting the day it will be ripped. I've also decided that the yarn will work better as a hat and not a scarf and it's just going to have to be patient.

I'm going to go dream of organizing and dusting and polishing. Somehow that will make it all better.

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