Monday, August 06, 2007

Funky Dreams

Hi Flan,

I hope you had a nice weekend. Down here we were celebrating The Best Man's birthday. Saturday there was a party at Gracie's. The Best Man had said he wanted Thai. I made Crab Rangoon w/ a Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce. Gracie made Chicken Satay and Crab Pad Thai. For dessert we had Tres Leches Cake. It was all pretty good. To go along with dinner I had a gin & tonic and Gracie had something pink and frothy. That was all good too... Until I had gone to bed and started dreaming.

I had a dream that we were in our college house and someone's dad was visiting. This dad was not someone I've ever met before, he was just some random person visiting. He made some objectifying comment about my body and I promptly kicked his ass. I would have blamed it on the G&T until The Hubby woke up and said he had eaten and entire printer, including manual in his dream. Since he doesn't drink, there was no nice little explanation for that.

Last night we had our usual Sunday night dinner with The Best Man and invited his mother over to join us to help continue the birthday celebration. There was Brie w/ crackers & grapes, then Spinach Salad with feta, dates and walnuts followed by Brisket over egg noodles and more cake for dessert. It wasn't too bad and I had a small glass of wine with dinner. I thought everything was going alright- this should have been a warning.

Last night I dreamt that I was the super-duper lucky person to escourt The Yarnharlot around. Don't ask me what city we were in or what we were doing there or why I of all people was the person doing this. The problem was that she didn't really like me and didn't want to do any of the things I had planned! She didn't want to go to yarn stores (!)- apparently people had given her so much yarn that she was on a stupid "knit from your stash" kick- she didn't want to get coffee, she didn't even like the coffee I had given her the time we met her in MN. It was awful. And I kept thinking, "wait, when we met her in MN she was lovely and delightful- it must be me."

Waking up at 4:30am thinking The Yarnharlot hates you is a very very odd way to wake up. Unless The Hubby had another funky dream I'm going to have someone else finish off the bottle of wine because I'm not sure I can go through that again.

Hope you have a Happy Monday.

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