Thursday, August 09, 2007

Still Knitting! (Slowly)

Although I've been sadly deficient in blog posting, I have been least a little bit. More than knitting, I've been plotting about knitting. PLanning fall projects and reincarnations of projects I've abandoned.

THis has been helped by my acquisitiion of a dresser to contain a large portion of the stash, which makes it more accessible, and as I organized into the dresser, I found myself contemplating new directions in the knitting.

So current knitting progress: I'm once again behind on my sockapalooza socks. I had to let my pal know that they'd be a little late, but I'm still working on them, and I hope to be done pretty quickly.

Mystery Stole 3: Last night while watching baseball (the Twins decided to beat up on Kansas City all of a sudden), I finished Clue 2, and started Clue 3. Since I'm not at that point yet, I've not decided whether to knit the wing, or to knit a symmetrical stole. I'm watching pictures emerge, and the wing looks very cool....and yet I love the part I've knit so far! I did note on Melanie's blog yesterday that the extra that will come from buying the pattern is a stole with 2 wings, which I think I might be interested in.....but only once this one is done!

In contemplating your question....I think you might have to rework the lace charts to just knit down...but I don't know much about lace design. Probably a question best answered by Melanie.

Planning: My Arwen cardigan just isn't working out, and as I bought the new Interweave this week at Knit Night, the Minimalist Cardigan caught my eye. It's knit in a very similar yarn. So I'm contemplating ripping the pieces of Arwen, and knitting the Minimalist instead. No decisions yet though......

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