Thursday, August 23, 2007

Holy Moley

Hey Flan,

Did you know it was September next month? Somehow this month being August had no impact on next month being September. Stupid calendar. In September the weather is basically the same here, though if it were just a bit closer to 90 than 100 it would be nice for the power bills. Also, September is birthday month for The Grandma AND The SIL.

The Mystery Stole, aka, The Grandma's 90th birthday present, is half done. Half done and LESS than half the time remaining. Outlook: terrifying.

The SIL needs a hat because heads get cold where she happens to be and getting a hat at Christmas means her head would have been cold for months, and that doesn't really help anyone (except the stressed out knitter, then again, the list for Christmas gifts is rather stressful.) Outlook: fair to middling so long as it becomes my lunchtime knitting. I have been working on the Super Secret Project, but the deadline for that is after September, so it will have to be patient.

I've decided that the Labor Day holiday will create some sort of magical time warp in which massive amounts of work will get done in infinitesimal amounts of time. Well, it could happen, right?

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