Monday, August 27, 2007


Hey Flan,

So I knit and I knit and I knit on MS3. I started at 0 and made it to row 82. Seeing as how I have to get to 287, 82 doesn't seem that bad, now does it? Except for the whole starting at the small point of the triangle and every other row makes it bigger and therefore takes longer. By my extremely fuzzy math, that means that I'm currently 28.57% completed with the 2nd half. 3 weeks and 205 rows to go. Aw Lawd.

I had been happily going along on The Super Secret Project when I discovered that one of the sections had 14 stitches. It should have had 18. All the others had 18, just like they were supposed to. I ripped back a repeat and found 2 more stitches, so maybe if I rip back another repeat I'll find another 2. The problem is that I'm having problems reading the knitting, so it's hard to figure out where the mistakes happened and exactly how far back I should rip.

I decided it was time for some serious project focus. I'm going to work on one (1) sweater per month and no other sweater is going to be worked on during that time. I am also allowed to have one (1) more portable project. The MS3 is exempt. I went so far as to put all other WIPs in the top of the closet until it's their month. I was taking some serious control.

Serious control lasted until I was getting all the projects ready to be put away. There was some DB Alpaca Silk that needed to be added to the stash. It had been loitering around the WIPS for long enough. The problem is that I absolutely love DB Alpaca Silk and I couldn't just put it in the drawer. I might have looked through Scarf Style and may have found something that's just perfect. Also, this morning I might have cast on instead of having breakfast. Monogamy is good with marriage, but I think it might be overrated so far as the knitting goes.

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