Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm Throughly Sick of Snow


Yesterday we visited the Como Conservatory and Zoo (by the way, any readers in the Twin Cities, the Coservatory is maybe the best single place to go in the depths of Minnesota winter for flowers and greenery and warmth. It's free (with a suggested $2 donation). We saw these gorgeous lilies and visited the many animals at the zoo. I know I keep posting zoo photos, but although I always feel guilty in my enjoyment, I love seeing the animals up close. So I'll restrain myself to one shot of the twin polar bears, and this big silverback gorilla....

It was beautiful and sunny, and we wanted to enjoy the outdoors before today's weather. Because given that it's the last day of March, Minnesota has chosen to reward us with more snow:
And not just snow...wet heavy snow that the forcasters here call "Heart Attack Snow." The reason being, it weighs about a ton, and people have heart attacks trying to shovel the stuff.

Here's the finished fiber I was working on in my last post: That's about 250 yards of 2-ply Blue Faced Leicester dyed by Fleece Artist and bought at the Stychen Time Quilt and Yarn Store in Jasper National Park in Canada this summer. And displayed in today's snow...

On Saturday I went out to Detta's Spindle, where I bought my beloved wheel. I rented a drum carder from her to process some of the mountain of alpaca fiber I got from my Dad.
Which means I now have this:
There's PLENTY more too....

Also we went to Ikea to get a shelf. As you know from your visit, our kitchen is quite challenged in terms of space and storage. This helps quite a bit.

I'm off to stare at the snow...but it is supposed to be 55 by the end of the week. Gotta love MN in the spring.

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Bonne Marie said...

LOVE love that new kitchen shelf!

Really inspires me to get organized myself :)